Wk6-Art Experience- Zines

Not my cup of tea! This week’s art activity with zine or flipbooks was the hardest. Without having sat down to think about my ideas I already knew it was going to be a difficult project for me at least. As I’ve mentioned several times before I’m not very creative neither an artist. So first I thought hey I think I’ll draw some cool ideas I had in my head. But that was easier said than done. I cannot draw! I immediately grew frustrated. I did a bunch of different things but nothing was really coming out the way I wanted it to. Eventually, I just got an old book and started cutting out so pictures I also picked out some of my favorite picture I have in a tiny photo album. I started cutting out and putting things together. Something’s naturally began to fall into place. On one of the pages of my zine, I put tons of aerospace related images I figured that the perfect picture to go with it would me the one with my little sister because ever since I can remember she’s always talked about how she wants to be an aerospace engineer.


After that it all just came to me. I realized that I could actually get this project done. It wasn’t as hard as I made it seem or thought of it being. I got so hooked on the activity that I literally did not want to stop till I felt I was done. Even then when I finished I wished I had more magazines to play with to add a bunch of more stuff. But for the very limited resources that I had I felt that I had a pretty good result. I think that once I get my hands on more magazines I’ll probably continue to add on.


For this picture I added a background with tons of color and flowers because this was the first family day when we went out to welcome spring. Something I am looking forward to doing the upcoming spring.

20161002_092132This page of my zine was a reflection of my relationship with my big sister Daisy. For this one I picked our favorite childhood photo, a picture with palm trees, and a car. I picked the palm trees and car because its our favorite thing to do cruise out by down by in downtown long beach near the water.


The picture on this page of my zine is of me and my god child that I was given the honor of baptizing about 2 years ago. I titiled it for her, because its for her that I try harder every day in school and want to be a success. I want her to have someone to look up to when she grows up. Unfortunately, neither of her parents got a high school diploma, and I wouldn’t want her to commit the same mistake.

20161002_094012I wanted to dedicate a page of my zine to my boyfriend of  6 years Daniel. This is one page I think needs a ton of more work but its a page I think he and I should work on together.


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