Wk 14-Classmate Conversation- Marysol Jimenez

For this week’s Classmate Conversation I got to meet outgoing and hilarious Marysol! Perviously I had done Artist Conversation’s with Marysol but never really got to know her. I always just appreciated her interview skills that helped me want to learn and ask more. She is currently a 4th year Sociology major seeking to make it as a 1st generation college student. She is the youngest of 4! During her free time she enjoys watching her favorite shows which are the Mindy Project and Grey’s Anatomy. She is a Leader at Children’s place who loves sunflowers and butterflies. While Marysol is working through her first Bachelor’s degree she also admits she loves learning about make up and wants to purse school to receive her cosmetology license. In addition to learning about Marysol’s likes I also learned about her kind heart. After the interview were decided to take our conversation outside of class and long story short I tripped and fell hard to floor over a rock and Marysol did not laugh till she made sure I was okay. I guess she would be the ideal person to have around incase of an emergency! hahaha! If you want to learn more about Marysol find her here–> https://marysolj.wordpress.com


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