Wk 14- Art Experience- Instagram

This week’s art activity was more difficult than I thought it would be. As a frequent Instagram user, that is some one that is on Instagram probably more than I should be it was hard to know what to post. This activity made me feel almost as if my everyday post are almost meaningless. Hardly ever are my post about my surroundings unlike the ones for this activity. My first post was of me with a snap chat filter which I chose to post because literally everyone around me was posting on snapchat as we sat in the fine arts building. My second post was of my car freshener captioned “What does your car smell like?”I chose to post it because I literally spend so much time in my car that I hardly ever take the time appreciate the strong cherry smell in my car. I didn’t think I was going to get much response with any post but with the one of my car freshener people had a lot of responses some said “Royal Pine” others said “Dirty Socks and Farts”. My third post was of me and my younger sibling Leslie, captioned “two girls chasing dreams” which came out of inspiration from having just submitted her college applications with her. And my final post of the sunset around the Compton Court House, I chose to take a snap shot of this I sat outside because I was so intrigued by its beauty and how unappreciative I can sometimes be about growing up in the hood. Comparing my posts to those of the class, I noticed the common that there were more post of those or things around them rather than of themselves. I guess it came about by this idea of wanting privacy or not wanting others interfering with their private lives if posts were too personal. Which to me makes no sense because the reality social media to me is about just putting it all out there without fear.


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