Week 13 Classmate Conversation- Tina Nguyen!


20161116_130253For this week’s Classmate Conversation I had the honor of finally getting to know Tina Nguyen! Who I had been wanting to meet since the beginning of the semester because of her similar ideas to mine on the Art Talk Discussions. From a conversation full of laughter I learned that Tina is a 2nd year biochemistry major who loves French fries and Science. Tina is grew up as an only child in Garden Grove and wants to be a kid when she grows up. As an only child Tina has learned to hate people because no one makes her happy. Her favorite color is purple and enjoys binge watching T.V shows likes Grey’s Anatomy which is why she hate Shonda Rhymes because she killed McDreamy aka Derek from Grey’s Anatomy. Tina has a job in a research lab where she conducts fun experiments. From the conversation with Tina I was able to see how she is very intelligent she is. You would think that a Bio-chemistry would be vWhen we discussed the question of the week she said she would take the blue pill because when she wakes up she could believe whatever she wants to believe. I mean way to be specific? Ha-ha if you want to know more about Tina you can find her blog here: https://tinanguyen97.wordpress.com


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