Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition Information

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: Oddments

Media: Yarn Scraps, Denim Jeans, Cotton Thread and discarded clothing

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: aliciakeyworth.com

Instagram: aliciakeyworth

About the Artist

Alicia Keyworth is a senior at Cal State Long Beach who is pursing her BFA in Fiber arts. She pursued Fiber arts through graphic design. At the time Keyworth was unclear of what path to take, she had love for graphic design but an even bigger love for fiber arts. Keyworth is also working on getting her teaching credentials for K-12 in art education. She wants to teach her future students to always follow through, a life motto she has always lived by. Keyworth doesn’t have a lot of time for fun, but when she does she enjoys going to the beach. In the near future she does not see graduate school but does see many dream projects. One of which would be a collaboration with a Fashion company like Eileen Fisher and Patagonia.

Formal Analysis

When walking into the exhibition there is what look like bean bags, what looks like a vest, a dress, and an overly sized shirt. The vest, dress and over sized t-shirt are hanging and they have matching bean bags on the floor. The bean bags are mostly made out of denim but each have a feature of a hanging item. The dress or jumpsuit is made out of yarn, the oversized t-shirt made of cotton scraps and so is the vest. There is a lot of fine detail in every item, including a lot of straight panels.

Content Analysis

The inspiration for Keyworth’s project came from her job as the lab technician in the fiber department. In this job she collects all the scraps from art department. One day she realized that it was too much going to waste, “nothing” that could be turned into something meaningful. Her second inspiration is the documentary, “The True Cost”, which gave her this ideal that she should gather the left overs and make them something better than post waste. Every single piece in her exhibition, wanted to combine the both worlds of gallery worthy work and wearable clothing. He most eye catching piece, the jumpsuit was made from yarn scraps. Through her craft Keyworth wants every individual to question their role the crisis that is occurring with so much consumerism that is almost immediately turned to waste.

Synthesis / My Experience

Oddments is about turning consumer waste into something new and valuable. I believe that Keyworth was very successful in making me question my role in the world of consumer waste. When I reflect on how unnecessary I buy and throw away my clothing I realize I’m a huge part of what’s wrong with the consumer waste. I now realize that throwing away a shirt because its no longer a trend is so unnecessary. It amazing how we no longer throw away things because they are old or don’t work we throw them away because consumerism has told us to do so. I feel that I now need to input more of the values my parents imposed on me to work when it comes to consumerism not just with food but with other materials like clothing. My parents always told me “don’t take more than what you can eat” and “Don’t waste food”. I never really saw how that could be applied to my nasty consumerism habits. Its definitely something I now hope I can improve on.



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