Wk9- Art Experience- Sending an “Art Care Package”

I was really excited about making an Art Care Package. But I wasn’t really sure whom I’d sent it to. I kind of just sat there for a couple minute contemplating what I wanted to do and whom I’d want it to do it for. I decided not to do one art care package but two! The first one I thought I’d make for my youngest sibling Leslie who is literally right around the corner or leaving for college. I think she’s so brave for leaving and doing things on her own. I know I was too scared to leave far away from home. I know I don’t have to worry about her cause she’s always really been good about doing things on her own. For her Art Care package I decided to include a bunch of small messages. Basically highlighting what I wish someone would have told me through my college path so far. I kind of wanted to ensure that she knows that I’m so proud of her. For my second art care package I wanted to send it to my boyfriend. It would basically be every love letter from our first years together. I feel that those letters basically highlighted the fact how we never gave up on one another. I also thought it would be really cool putting it together because of the wear on some of the items. Because as those love letters wear our love does not.

Completely the actually art care packages was actually an easy task. And didn’t really require something super artsy which as everyone knows is not my cup of tea. At the same time, it was very time consuming. And as much as I thought I had a lot to say for my sister’s art package I actually ran out of inspirational things to say. That’s kind of when I went in and started to put in tons of things that have helped me get through the hectic college days. I include an old calendar, my to do list, white out, a book about surviving freshman year in college, and lecture notes. I also included an empty green book, which maybe might be useful if she’s as forgetful as me in college ha-ha! With my boyfriends art care package I found it to be a lot easier. I felt all sorts of bubbly feelings inside that reminded me why I adore the guy. It also made me open to talking to him about an argument we had recently. It also pushed me to reminding him that I love and that I believe in our five ever not forever because that’s too short of a time.

Looking more towards, the activity’s actually experience questions. I want to say that sending an ACP to someone is similar to sending him or her a Snapchat because for example, in my sisters ACP I sent her my lecture notes. Which is something I would usually send someone to kind of let him or her know what I’m doing. I guess if it makes sense I was sending something I would normal send virtually via Snapchat. However its different from sending them a snap char because it isn’t a memory that will only last them seconds but rather as long as they want it to. I think that the value or meaning of the emphemera will be whatever the person who receives it decides it to be. Perhaps my sister will look at my lecture notes and sat “WTF?” But at the same time she can look as the tiny pieces of construction paper as the most meaningful. Because as she goes through her college journey she can be like “oh yeah my sister told me that”. I don’t the ACP is different from art seen a museum because to someone out there it holds value. Meanwhile someone might look at it and say how is that art. But recently when I visited the Getty I found myself asking that same question. “How is that art?” If that makes sense. Anyways, while time an effort are a precious thing I think that what ever the method of sending love may be it’s all just as valuable and just as meaningful. While Snap chat is faster than mail, I could argue that I sent a snap with so much love in it. At the end of the day we are living in a modern world.20161022_205431






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