Wk8-Classmate Conversation- Christian Gallo

For this week’s classmate conversation I met pretty green-eyed boy Christian Gallo. Christian is extremely shy, which was definitely a first for me. He was quiet, and really didn’t like to go into much depth about anything. It was honestly a first for me because I often have great charisma with people. Bur fortunately, I managed to get Christian to talk to me at least a little. Although I was afraid of making it awkward cause he barely said a thing aside from we should do the classmate conversation together. I learned that he is a third year Mechanical Engineer major. For fun he likes binge watching science fiction shows on Netflix including Arrow and Supernatural! As pets Christian has birds, lots of birds. When I asked what was a piece of art of any medium that he would like to share, he discussed about his current love for Twenty-One Pilots, arguing that they are a good band an everyone should listen to them. I personally will give them a listen. For the second question of the week, which asked if we would be supportive of our child if they pursued an art career, Christian said he would because he isn’t anyone to stop some one from doing what they love of course unless it was illegal, “then we would have a problem.” When we finally had the opportunity to look at our phones we had some similar apps including Snap chat, Hulu, and Camera. I think the main reason we shared an App like Hulu is because I too enjoy Binge watching shows!

Learn more about Christian here –> https://christiangalloblog.wordpress.com


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