Wk4-Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

Awkward! This week I thought I would use this art activity to reconnect with my younger sibling Leslie, who recently simply was not having it with me. Even though, I could’ve done it with anyone else I chose to do it with her because I was tired of the tension between us. Although my mother practically forced her to do it with me, it was the only I figured the tension between us would be released. I think it was the first time in two weeks that I saw smile at me again. It was also the first time in two weeks that she giggled endlessly because of how awkward, new, a silly automatic drawing was for both us. At first, it wasn’t getting either of is anywhere so we decided to play some music to help us. I played a couple of our favorite songs including, Paranoia by A Day to Remember, Cynical by Blink 182, and Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliche’ by Escape the Fate. Our hands started moving towards the beat of the music! Finally we were getting somewhere! Through the activity itself and the songs, we realized how much better things are when we are both laughing and having fun with each other. I honestly felt that this activity was gift from whatever force there is out in the world ! In the piece its self I think you can really see all the feelings between us. In the black you can see the release of my sisters frustration at practically being forced to do the activity. In the green you can see the beats of the music playing in the background. In the yellow you can see our laughter and at last the reconciliation between the two of us. Overall an activity, that brought peace between two siblings.




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