Wk2- Classmate Conversation- Jasmine Figueroa

From the moment I sat next to Jasmine she was very easy to talk to. When we first started talking it was as if we have been friends for a long time and I had just met her. Jasmine is a Psychology major who likes listening to music, spending time with pets and trying new food places. I mean who doesn’t love food? But when she expressed her love for food it was almost as if her eyes sparkled. Jasmine feels very accomplished with her life 20 years in. She’s come to realize that she is a whole lot more independent that she was a year ago. It makes her very proud to be able to juggle school and work. Even though she is a huge procrastinator she says it doesn’t keep her from wanting to do more and continue to accomplish more. In fact she is going to start volunteering in her community to help educate homeless youth.

Jasmine also admits that she isn’t perfect and needs some improvement but she’s happy with where she currently is in life. What I also noticed about Jasmine throughout our conversation is that she finds meaning and importance in everything. When asked “Is art actually important in today’s world?” she responded “Art is definitely important in todays world, it serves as a form of expression. We have also changed the way we see art over the years, just over a century ago art was mostly paintings, sculptures and photographs but today a common and growing form of art is film and that forms a huge part in our society.”

After moving from the interview phase of the classmate conversation I really noticed what a silly gal Jasmine really is. The rest of our conversation mostly consisted of jokes about each other’s height. She is super tall and I on the other hand super short. She even said “ Dude I’m like 2 feet taller than you” it was something we couldn’t stop laughing about for the rest of the time we spent together.

If you would like to get to know Jasmine more and have a good laugh for yourself visit her page! https://jasminefigg.wordpress.com


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