Wk 1- A Sandy Experience

Plaster casting was definitely a new experience for me given that art or anything crafty isn’t really my strongest suit. I had never done anything like plaster casting so right from the beginning I was excited. At the same time, I was intimidated by the idea that it could possibly go wrong. However, once I got to the beach I picked a spot and just started digging. It perhaps was the first time that I was that interactive with sand and the ocean. For a slight moment I thought the ocean, the sand and I could be best friends. I was WRONG! When trying to collect wet sand to pack my mold a huge wave came at me. I think I can still taste the sand in my mouth.

My boyfriend assisted me in making the plaster and packing my mold. Having him around also made the experience a lot more fun because it was something new we both had never done before. Even though it was essentially a school project it turned into a pretty good date for both of us. After the 30-minute wait was over and I pulled my masterpieces out of the sand I noticed that some fingers were way too short. Even though they both looked kind of funny I was still proud of my masterpieces. As much as I tried not to get dirty ,I still did and realized that for a worthy art experience you have to get down and dirty!

It’s definitely something I would want to do again. I’m a nanny so I think I will be redoing this activity with the kids on a beach day. It will more than likely be a fun experience for them as it was for me. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I hope it will be for the kids as well.




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