Wk1-Classmate Conversation-Daniel Velazquez

Where do you draw the line on what is art?

“I guess I would draw the line on human body art, sometimes those things are not appropriate”

During the first week of classmate conversations I had the honor of meeting Daniel Velazquez a third year Electrical Engineering major. Right from the beginning Daniel and I had contrasting viewpoints on what is art. He drew a line with human body art while I didn’t draw a line at all. Unfortunately, Daniel wasn’t willing to allow his viewpoints to be challenged.

Daniel likes fixing things and while he admits he isn’t very good at it, he always continues trying. Interestingly, both Daniel and I grew up in Compton, went to the same high school, and even sat in the same statistics class, something we both were not aware of until now. Given the stereotypes that surround Compton, I asked Daniel if growing up in Compton was a scary experience, he said that growing up in Compton was actually fun. He actually went on and said how he was never “jumped” in the hood until he crossed town into Long Beach and got jumped by what he described 20 gangsters. Yikes!!!

Daniel’s hobbies include fixing cars and running. Throughout high school he was a part of the cross-country team. Today he isn’t part of any team but still enjoys going for runs on his free time. He also has a love for parrots specifically, their bright colors, the way they eat and the way they mimic human beings

Find out more about Daniel by visiting his page: https://dannyvel23.wordpress.com/


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